Activities for Kids

1.   Make new, positive words from the negative words below. 

Change one letter each time, creating a new word until you reach the new, positive word.

Example:                  Hate—Love:               Hate,  Have, Hove, Love 

    1. mean—good:                        

                      2. bully—happy:                                        

 3. lost–find:                             

          4. fear–soar:                                    

                                              5. rude—–kind:                          

                                   6.  curt—-nice:                                   

                                   7. junk–real:                           

                                   8. fear–hope:


2.      Opposite Rhymes

Find a positive word which rhymes with the negative word:  Example:      cruddy——-buddy

1. brute      2. bad or mad     3. dope     4. drugs    5. gloom or doom        

6. whine    7. unkind     8. frightful   9. spiteful  10. fool


3. Think of a slogan for helping prevent bullying.  Illustrate it!


I’m  happy to be an ABC,    an Anti-Bullying  Child!

I’m a BUDDY, not a bully.

Bullies are full of lies!

4. Correct the spelling mistakes and color the page below.

Buster coloring page 01 (1)