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Quotes about Kindness!

Confetti clipart clipart kid

“Spread kindness around like confetti!”

” I’m a Kind Kind of Kid.”

” Kind Words Each Day Keep Sadness Away!”

“Sprinkle your Conversation with Kindness.”

“Be Mindful and ‘Kindful.”’

“Kindness is Contagious! Catch It!”

Write Your Own Heading about Kindness!

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MindWare Advent Calendar
Put more meaning into the holiday season! Count down the days to Christmas or Hanukkah or EID with little acts of kindness. Do the activities alone, as a family or as a holiday classroom activity. Follow the prompts on each of the 25 tokens above. For extra ideas, tips and printables on how to extend your kindness, click on the link below each token.

Quotes about Kindness! Find many products about kindness.

Check out the resources below!

60 Kindness Quotes For kids About Caring for Others 2019

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