Sample of the Book



In a great neighborhood was a great school
Where children lived by the old Golden Rule.
A cool, little school that was clean, that was neat.
The students and staff just couldn’t be beat.
The students had everything students might need
And they were all happy, quite happy indeed
Until Buster the Bully arrived on the scene,
Tough-talking and terrible, menacing and mean!
“I’m the ruler,” said Buster, “Of all that I see.
In my new kingdom, you’ll take orders from me.
The place that I came from, a hole-in-the-wall
Offered no action, no adventures, no mall.
I’m new to this school, but you‘ll jump when I call.
You’re under my power, in class and the hall.”

Big Buster the Bully lifted his hand
And Buster the Bully shrieked a command.
He ordered a small student to carry his pack,
Filched candy and fruit from another’s lunch sack.
“All mine,” Buster cried, “Oh, the things I now rule.
I’m king of the playground. I’m king of this school.”

Then, one brave little girl stood up and she spoke.
“We’re telling our teacher; this must be a joke!”
“This is dead serious, what I’m saying is true.
Spreading lies about me is NOT what to do.
If you decide that you’ll be a snitch or a tattle,
You’ll find that you’re in a long, losing battle!
I am the one who can create misery for all.
I’m wicked and wise. I’m a smart know-it-all.”

The students filed quietly into the school.
No one mentioned Buster and his new rule.
Why the long faces, what on earth is the matter?
The teachers heard none of the usual chatter.
The students said nothing, nothing at all
While Buster the Bully prowled through the hall.

What do you think happens next?  

Read the book to find out.