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THE SUGARPLUM TREE received 1st place in the CIPA EVVY AWARDS, 2020! (Colorado Independent Publishing Association) Category: Children’s Picture Books.

THE SUGARPLUM TREE is a book about kindness. It describes the loneliness and sadness of a tree that is different than other trees. It is a story that will be enjoyed by young children and also help them understand how to be kind to children who are not the same as they are.  BUSTER THE BULLY is about a young boy with low self-esteem who bullies students in his new school.  A safe, supportive school environment, a kind, smart kid and a tornado help to change the way Buster acts and feels. 

Pictures, articles, and books about BULLYING and KINDNESS  appear below. Please feel free to comment on any of them!  You may write about a time when you or a friend were bullied and how you solved the problem.

You may also write about kindness and what you did to make the world a kinder, more peaceful place or to make you a kinder person. Check with your parents or guardians before emailing the author at:                                          [email protected]


MAY, JUNE, 2024

THE BOOKS THAT YOU’LL READ WITH LEO, THE LION, YOUR LIBRARY GUIDE will be published in  July, 2024.  The text and pictures are at the designer’s who will pair them and get the book ready for publication.  It should be ready for purchase in early September, 2024. 

During the summer, visit your public library, which often holds read-athons and special contests, and also bookstores and neighborhood sales for books. Trade or borrow books from your friends and relatives.     



“THE BOOKS THAT YOU’LL READ with LEO the Lion, Your LIBRARY GUIDE” will be published in mid-2024. In simple poetry style, Leo will guide you through the delights and wonders of a public library.  This, my 3rd children’s book,  will be illustrated by Virginia Smalls.


The following was published in the Chicago Tribune on November 30, 2023 and in the Denver Post.  [email protected] 

Dear Amy: My daughter, in third grade, made friends with a second-grader, “Lucy,” who lives across the street. They go to the same school. The two girls were getting along great when all of a sudden Lucy started making friends with all my daughter’s classmates, and then telling her that the other kids don’t want to be her friend.

I know this happens all the time, but it’s wrong.

This little girl has spent a lot of time at our house. Her mom is a school counselor. Should I talk to the mom?

(My daughter doesn’t want to go to this school anymore — she’s only in third grade!)

I’m afraid this woman might be one of those mothers who thinks her child does nothing wrong, since she counsels kids as a profession.

— Outraged 

Yes, you should speak with this other mother about the dynamic between the two. You don’t seem to know her well, but because she is a school counselor, she might have insight or fresh ideas for how to handle this drama. If she minimizes this — or perhaps even contributes to it — then you’ll know to avoid both mother and daughter.

Your daughter’s classroom teacher should be made aware of the current stress she is experiencing. The teacher might be able to ease some of her concerns about school by engaging with her more in the classroom.

You should also talk with your daughter. Not only to comfort her when she is upset, but to talk to her about strategies for dealing with her feelings when people are mean, unfair, or unjust. She should learn to feel comfortable standing up for herself — with little Lucy, and others.

Also get her involved in an afterschool activity, such as scouting, music, drama, or sports.

She would benefit from reading the “Weird” series by Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy, featuring a third-grade girl who is being bullied by a classmate who brands her as “weird” (Free Spirit Publishing, 2013). The hero of these stories recovers her confidence with the help of others; I hope your daughter will, too.



“Book a Library Tour with Leo, the Lion”, written by Andrea Antico, will be published in early 2024. It is her third book on kindness for young readers.  “Buster the Bully” and the award-winning “Sugarplum Tree” were published earlier and are still available. Virginia Small is the illustrator of all three books.  Several  stanzas of the 34-page story poem follow below.  Check out the author’s website, for updates and more information.

The Books that You’ll Read:  Leo, the lion, will guide you through the library! 

“Grrrreetings!”  I’m Leo, the library guide.                                      

Tremendous treasures await you inside.          You’ll see friends you know and friends who are new,  

Stupendous stories and books that are true.     

You can travel with explorers crossing the  seas 

Or fly around gardens with the birds and the bees! 

Meet  Bambi in the woods and make friends with all deer

Or join brave Pocahontas who walked without fear!


Camp out with Native Americans in the Old West!

You’ll hear stories and legends that are truly the best!

Pack your bags for a trip  to Spain or Mexico.

Learn Spanish phrases and customs before you go!

When you want to find books with facts and info,                     

Bookshelves with numbers are the best way to go.                            

You’ll read about people from different lands,  

Global heroes, French chefs, mariachi bands,

African drummers, dancers and star athletes                

Are found all over the globe performing feats.             

Americans  who believed in freedom for all, 

For wars at home and away, they answered the call



Will you always succeed if you read, yes indeed!                          

It is almost 100 percent guaranteed.                                                    

Public libraries are open.  You don’t have to pay.                          

Books are waiting for YOU.  Get a just-right book today!                                                        .              


School Bus Pictures Clip Art -

School starts this week on Aug. 8 in Douglas County and Aurora Public Schools.  Other Colorado schools will open August 14. Schools in different parts of the U.S. start the day after Labor Day.

Graphic showing title that reads: A comprehensive cyberbullying guide for parents

Go to:

for a very informative, illustrated guide to cyberbullying.

MAY/JUNE, 2023

Go to: for info about

Bullying Recovery Resource Center in            Denver, Colorado

Join the 2nd Annual Upstander 5K Run/Walk, BRRC benefit!


Save the Date

Saturday, October 7th, 2023
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4601 W 46th Ave.,
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Many schools participate in the Great Kindness Challenge.  Go to their website “” to read about kind activities and see pictures of students of all ages practicing kindness.  



MARCH, 2003

Image result for lamb                    Premium Vector | Angry lion head on black background.                    

March may start out as a lamb (mild weather) and end as a lion, (stormy weather), or the reverse, or begin and end the same way.  What happens/ed in your area?

International Happiness Day is March 20

Unscramble the letters to discover the happiest countries.

1. alnnifd

2. nmdekra

3. dncilea

4. lrsiae

5. leethnnslad

6. deeswn

7. yanrwo

8. dnreswialtz

9. gxlrumeobu

10. enw eaadnlz (2 words)

11. aatsiur

12. aaartsilut

13. aaancd

14. erndail

15. duetin sseatt (2 words)

How could you help to make #15 the happiest Country?

Happy New Year!

People gather in Tehran’s Azadi Square on March 20, 2023 to celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year.       STR/AFP via Getty Images

Iran celebrates the New Year on March 21, the first day of Spring.  Check on the Internet or in books to discover what activities happen on that day!   


Check out the above website for resources about bully prevention. Their vision, mission and goals are stated below. 


To work together with people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life on our shared common ground of teaching skills for safety, respect, confidence, and kindness for everyone, everywhere.


To provide effective and empowering child protection, positive communication, advocacy, personal safety, and self-defense skills for all ages, abilities, cultures, beliefs, genders, and identities, locally and around the world.


  • To provide extensive resources in teaching effective, upbeat, and empowering child protection, positive communication, and personal safety programs for all ages and abilities – locally and around the world.
  • To prepare children, teens, and adults, including those with special needs, to prevent and stop bullying, abuse, harassment, assault, and other emotional, social, or physical violence.
  • To establish an international community of leaders who are dedicated to establishing a long-lasting organization that can sustain this work.

MARCH, 2023

March’s weather can come in like a lamb and out like a lion, and the reverse, or both times can be the same.  What’s happening in your area?

Easter and Passover are often celebrated in March. In Iran, the New Year is celebrated on March, 21, (the first day of spring) instead of the first day of the year, January 1. Check out books and the Internet for descriptions of Iran’s celebrations.


School is starting all over the United States.  Some schools start before Labor Day and some right after the holiday.  Your teacher may discuss the history of this holiday with the class. It is a national holiday that is important for all workers.

Jenna Sherman put some articles on this website that you may want to share with your parents or grandparents.  Have fun following her directions.

“Jenna Sherman hopes to help other parents acquire the skills they need to raise future leaders by providing a collection of valuable, up-to-date, authoritative resources. A mom of three (two girls and a boy) created as an avenue for parents who want to make sure their children grow up to be strong, independent, successful adults.”

Free Two Boys Playing With Wooden Blocks in a Room Stock Photophoto via Pixels

Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home

Whether it’s a rainy weekend or you’re working from home during a pandemic, keeping the kids busy indoors can feel like a constant battle. They’re bored, restless, and eager to get out of the house and do something new. But for whatever reason, your family is stuck at home and you need to come up with some engaging activities quickly. If you’re all out of ideas, keep reading!
We’ve got plenty of fun and educational indoor activity options to keep the kids busy at home.
Visit for children’s books and activities on kindness that will encourage positive thinking.
Leverage Online Educational Tool
Start by looking for fun activities that provide your kids with both entertainment and education.
Educational resources and tools online are great for weekends and school breaks! By supporting your children’s education at home, they’ll return to school better prepared to excel at their studies.

Set Up Your Kids with Independent Activities
You don’t always have time to be involved in your children’s at-home activities. If you’re working from home, for example, you will need to find ways for your kids to stay occupied on their own.
Reading, playing educational games, and watching educational content online are all great ways to encourage peace and quiet in your household, at least for a little while. Make sure your kids are excited by the content they’re consuming while you work. You want their independent
activities to become a positive experience, so they won’t be tempted to interrupt you while you’re on the clock.
If your kids run into a problem when they’re playing or learning independently, encourage them to work it out on their own. As Positive Parenting Solutions explains, it’s important to sometimes
step back and let your kids struggle through boredom or frustration so they can learn to problem-solve.
Do Something Fun Together
When you have some free time on your hands, take the opportunity to do something with yourkids. You could start an indoor garden, bake a tasty treat, meal plan for the following week, or build an indoor obstacle course. Your options are really endless. Try to bring an educational
element to some of your indoor family activities. For example, you can turn baking into an educational experience by exploring the science behind mixing different ingredients to create a batter.
Gamify Household Chores
If you’ve been stuck indoors for a while and the house is starting to look like a mess, get your kids involved in the cleanup! Encouraging your kids to clean doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Try to turn it into a game. For example, “Housewife How-To’s” suggests hiding stickers or other small prizes around your house on surfaces that need dusting. “I Spy” is a great game to play when you want your kids to put their toys away. You can also try competing against your kids to make it through a list of chores—be sure to give yourself a few extra chores to make it fair!
Enjoy Some Relaxation Time
After all the work, fun, and cleaning, you and your kids are bound to need some rest. Enjoying relaxing activities together is a great way to unwind at home after a long day. Try doing yoga together, showing your kids how to do basic poses, and encouraging them to be mindful of how each movement feels. You can also try teaching your kids how to meditate. When it comes to kid-friendly meditation, quiet stillness isn’t the goal. Instead, try having a discussion about emotions and how they change when we take a few deep breaths. Meditation for young kids is more about emotional awareness than about sitting still for half an hour.

No one likes being stuck inside, especially if you’re a kid with boundless energy. Keep a few fun and educational activity ideas on hand that you can pull out when you need a distraction. You might just enjoy some rainy-day fun yourself!

AUGUST, 2022

Image result for james warren kindness bench

James Warren, a kind Denver resident is building benches at bus stops that have no seats. He believes bus riders should be able to sit down while they wait for a bus, so he’s building some wooden benches, using his free time and his own money. Thanks, James, for your kind and humane project.

Denver Post, July 18, 2022

JUNE, 2022

School is out or soon will be in the many districts across the USA.  Try to make your summer a season of kindness by doing kind things for your family, your friends, and your neighbors. See how many “kind” examples that you can come up with and then act them out.

 Examples below:

Generosity:  Buy your siblings or friends an ice cream cone of their favorite flavor or a fruit that they especially like.


Helpfulness:  Do the dinner dishes cheerfully without protesting or being reminded.

MAY, 2022Henry James - Wikipedia

Henry James, one of the greatest novelists in the English language, said “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind.”  Being kind to yourself often promotes being kind to others, both of which lead to well-being. Small gestures, such as smiling to others can lift spirits.  Even when wearing masks, we can tell when another is smiling at us.  Go ahead and find those silly jokes and short videos that make you laugh as well.  Good hearty laughter manifests as kindness to yourself; it can also be infectious and spread joy to others.

Sarah Armstrong, PHD, Alpha Delta Kappan, March, 2022.

APRIL, 2022

Happy Spring!  Enjoy the late snows and early rains as you bring sunshine into the lives of everyone around you.  Kindness is contagious!                    Spread it!
Check out:

Be Kind Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

The above website will help you bring more kindness to your homes, families, schools, and communities.  It includes a collection of  all-time favorite original activities, along with some brand new ones, to help make it easy to choose KINDNESS. You will find activities such as the one below.

Sometimes, kindness is hiding in plain sight. For
the next few days, go on a quest to uncover the
kindness taking place all around you. Check off
each kind act that you spy, and tally up your points
at the end. How much kindness will you find?



Hello and Happy New Year!    The good news is that physical bullying is decreasing. The bad news is that cyber bullying is increasing.  Schools around the world are reporting the above.  Partly due to the pandemic, more children are learning online and are also bullying online.  Parents and caretakers need to be extra vigilant.

from Kristin Rogers on NBC News,,,,,,January 3, 2002

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -The pandemic may have highlighted a shift in bullying in schools. Reports of bullying in Iowa schools fell 42% last school year. Our i9 investigative team looked at why, and whether Iowa’s laws can keep up.

For 14 years the state has required schools to report incidents of bullying. During the 2018-2019 school year, there were 1270 cases reported statewide. That number dropped to 740 last school year during the pandemic, but those we spoke with say most bullying now is happening online and could be going undetected.

Since the state established it’s law, social media has grown immensely. Instagram launched in 2010, Snapchat came around in 2011 and TikTok came about in 2016.


Welcome back to another school year, 2021!  Many schools will be completely in person; Others may have a combination of virtual and in-person learning. Whatever your district and school administration decide, follow the rules.  If you and another student have a disagreement, talk it out; if the situation escalates, then it’s time to tell your teacher and/or your parents. Safe2Tell and other organizations, movies, and books will have info to help you. 
YOU CAN MAKE THIS YEAR YOUr best school year yet!! 

AUGUST, 2021


Broomfield, Colorado Girl Scouts earned a “Silver Award”  by building a “Kindness Rocks”  Garden.  They planned, painted and then strategically planted over 500 rocks with uplifting messages at the Brunner Farmhouse. The Girl Scouts of Troop #60594 will maintain the garden that is now open to the public.

(by Brooklyn Dance, Prairie Mountain Publishing, Denver Post June, 2021)

There are many kindness rock projects all over the world.  You may want to create one in your yard, school or community.  Check with an adult before you begin planting them.

JULY,  2021

Happy 4th of July, 1776, Birthday of the United States of America!  This was the date when the Declaration of Independence was signed. You can learn more about this holiday at school, in library books and your books at home, and in newspapers and magazines.  Read about the heroic men and women who helped freedom ring then and today. Talk to your family and friends about these heroes!  Vow to become a kind, smart, knowledgeable, and truthful American!  We have a lot of reasons to be grateful for our independence!  Write down a reason every day in July. Share with your friends and family members. 

JUNE, 2021

Summer’s here!   School is out!
I wonder what you’re reading about!
Are they vacation stories?  Are they about bullies and how to deal with them?  Are you reading stories about kindness?
      Remember to read and write something everyday!

APRIL, 2021               BREAKING NEWS! 

The Sugarplum Tree and Buster the Bully are now available in audio format!!!

Go to: for a professional reading of The Sugarplum Tree.

Go to: for  a professional reading of Buster the Bully

A great part of what we are doing is a partnership with the Described and Captioned Media Program, funded by the US Dept. of Education. They are distributing our videos to children, parents, and teachers who need access to accessible digital materials. The DCMP is also adding a simultaneous video of an ASL sign interpreter who signs the content for hearing impaired children. Thank you for adding your books to this project!

Richard Rieman
Founder & CEO, Imagination Videobooks, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit

720-507-5970 |

Denver, CO


Red Heart Cutout (12 inches)

The month of LOVE!  The month of Valentines’ Day!

What can YOU do to bring more love to your family or neighbors?  Write a poem, paint a picture, or a rock.  Check with your parents, older siblings, and teachers.


Happy New Year! 
May covid19 make a quick retreat from the world! 
May KINDNESS reign throughout the universe!

Image result for kindness pictures

     Check out this poster and many others from                                There are pictures and stories in every country that show and tell of kind people and kind kids doing kind deeds.  You can be a “kind kid” by doing kind and sweet things for members of your family, your school, your religious group, your organization, your town or city, and your country.  Ask your parents or grandparents, teachers, religious leaders, and community organizers how you can help!


Kid of the Year

 Rao is a sophomore at STEM School Highlands Ranch in suburban Denver. (Sharif Hamza for TIME via AP) MS Gitanjali, the first  winner of the Kid of the Year contest out of 5,000 applicants, has created apps to find solutions to cyber-bullying. 

THE SUGARPLUM TREE and BUSTER THE BULLY will soon be available in audio format.  Visit this page again for an update.

pReferences and resources about kindness will be shown on a separate page of this website.  Go to:  Resources for Kindness.

AUGUST, 2020

At Sagebrush Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado, in the highly acclaimed Cherry Creek School District, students and staff have been creating a kindness community.  For about a year and a half, they have been focusing on bully prevention and have encouraged the acceptance of differences and the celebration of individuality. For more information about the school, go to the website:

The Denver Post.  Your Hub”

JULY, 2020

The corona virus 2019 (covid19) is silent and invisible, but it is the biggest BULLY threatening the world today.  Presently, the United States of America has more cases than any other country.  CV is extremely contagious and usually spreads its nasty droplets through breathing, speaking or shouting, and even singing. Wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet away from people who are not your immediate family members.  Wash your hands often with soap and water while you count to 20 slowly.  Use sanitized lotion or wipes when you’re outside. Try not to touch your face. Doctors and scientists are studying this virus and are hoping to come up with a vaccine soon .  It will have to be tested before it is approved for people to take.  Covid19 is usually less dangerous to children. You can stay safe and healthy by eating nutritious foods, drinking water, exercising and getting good sleep every night.

Check out:  or for more information.

JUNE, 2020

In these tumultuous, unprecedented times, I’d like to share a song, “Less of Me”  by Glen Campbell.  You can hear him sing it on Youtube.  ( He passed away on August 8, 2017, a victim of Alzheimer’s disease.

Glen Campbell - Break My Mind. - YouTube

Let me be a little kinder, let me be a little blinder
To the faults of those about me. Let me praise a little more.
Let me be when I am weary just a little bit more cheery,
Think a little more of others and a little less of me.

Let me be a little braver when temptation bids me waver.
Let me strive a little harder to be all that I should be.
Let me be a little meeker with the brother that is weaker.
Let me think more of my neighbor and a little less of me.

Let me be when I am weary, just a little bit more cheery.
Let me serve a little better those that I am striving for.
Let me be a little meeker with the brother that is weaker.
Think a little more of others and a little less of me.

Carry on Glen Campbell’s spirit by being extra kind to others!

MAY,  2020

Check out NEA, the National Education Association for many articles, videos, toolkits  and pictures about bullying.

APRIL, 2020

A Portrait of Peace

Hidden Lake99-7082

There was once a king who offered a prize to the artist who could paint the best picture of peace.  Many artists tried.  The king looked at all the pictures.  After much deliberation he was down to the last two.  He had to choose between them.

One picture was a calm lake.  The lake was a perfect mirror for the peaceful mountains that towered around it.  Overhead fluffy white clouds floated in a blue sky. The snow settled gently on the land below. Everyone who saw this picture said that it was the perfect picture of peace.

The second picture had mountains too.  These mountains were rugged and jagged.  Rain was about to fall from a cloudy, gray sky. Lightning would soon flash.  Down the side of the mountain, foaming waterfalls tumbled into an angry creek.  This did not appear to be a peaceful place at all.

But, when the king looked closely, he saw that behind the waterfalls was a tiny bush growing in the rock.  Inside the bush, a mother bird had built her nest.  There in the midst of the rush of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest.  The king chose this picture as the perfect picture of peace.

The king chose it, “Because,” he explained, “peace is not only in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  Peace is in the midst of things as they are, when there is calm in your heart.  That is the real meaning of peace.”

           (  author unknown

                  You may like to draw or paint a picture of PEACE!


Kindness in Action

Map of D'Evelyn Jr-Sr High School

At D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School in Jeffco Public Schools in Colorado, students and staff worked together with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  They held a rally to support a nine-year-old student who is fighting cancer. The project included a video with a Star Wars theme and space games and contests in honor of Jason, a “wannabe” astronaut.   “DenverPost, Feb. 6, 2020”


                                  THE SUGARPLUM TREE
                 (a new book written by Andrea Antico                                                 and illustrated by Virginia Small)   

The SUGARPLUM TREE was just published this month. It is a fairy tale with a modern twist. Differences are emphasized, while kindness prevails in this new book for young children. The delightful pictures by a Colorado artist bring the story to life and will entertain and enchant listeners, especially during the winter holiday season. It is a story which encourages positive thinking and small acts of kindness.  

                                                                                                                  It’s available in paperback and hard cover.  The pb version is $9.99 and the hc version is $16.99.  Contact me at [email protected] and I will deliver two or more to you in the Denver area or send it anywhere in the United States.  Postage is $4.00 for paperback and $5.00 for hard cover.



Wear blue to show your support for ending bullying everywhere!

    “Former Colorado Springs Boy Gives Shoes to People in Need.”

Free, Cathy   “The Washington Post”  October, 2019

In 2016, one of several 6th grade, middle school classmates of Kyler Nipper,stabbed him with a pencil while others bullied him about his shoes. This cruel incident kept him in the hospital with a breathing tube for three days and a diagnosis of PTSD. The bullies had constantly teased him because he walked on his tiptoes, due to idiopathic toe walking. This condition forced him to walk on his toes, which resulted in his shoes being bunched up and cracking.  After he was released and became a home-schooler, Kyle thought about other kids with foot problems who couldn’t afford nice shoes.  He started collecting shoes and donated them to kids in need.  His “Kyler’s Kicks”  grew into a big donation program which has given out more than 25,000 pairs of shoes and includes donations from national foundations.  Now 14, Kyler spends about 5 hours per day on this shoe project in between his studies. He states that the joy he gets when a recipient gets new shoes is worth all the effort he puts into his “shoe give-away”.

JULY, 2019

He Was Bullied Because of His Rabbit Teeth. But a Few Years Later He Surprised Everyone!

Twelve-year-old Evan Hill of ChristChurch,  New Zealand,  now has a perfect smile, thanks to his neighbors, who donated more than $10,000.

        Image result for evan hill fixed teeth

Go to: “NewsHub” for the whole story.

JUNE, 2019

Being Safe After a Flood

Download this free U.S. Government which will help young children understand natural disasters.  Floods and tornadoes are on the rise in many areas of the United States.

MAY, 2019

Issue Image

 article by Tricia Culligan 5/18/2019

Cameron, a second-grader in California was a bully who encouraged his classmates to make fun of a boy who brought a doll to school.  He soon realized his mistake and is now a seventh grader who has organized an anti-bullying club at his school.  

APRIL, 2019

AP NORC POLL:  Most believe schools have become less safe.  By Emily Swanson, Carolyn Thompson & Hannah Fingerhut  (4/16/19)
Many Americans consider schools less safe than they were 20 years ago. A new poll finds a majority say schools aren’t at fault for shootings. Bullying, the availability of guns, the internet and video games share more of the blame. What can legislators, school administrators, teachers, parents and students do to keep their schools safe?


A drawing of Frederick Douglass as a young man

February is Black History Month!  One of my favorite African American heroes is Frederick Douglass. He, like many African Americans, grew up as a slave.  Born in Maryland, on or about Valentines Day, 1818, he was raised by his grandmother, who was a slave; young Frederick often was forced to help her on the plantation.  At an early age, he was separated from his brothers and sisters and forced to work with the Ault family. The mistress allowed him to join her children’s reading classes until her husband forbade it. Frederick quickly realized the importance of reading and picked up scraps of newspapers and magazines wherever he could, even in the trash.  He could sometimes convince the young Ault boys to help him with a word or two. When he was forced to leave that family, he was often beat up and bullied by his new master, Covey.  Despite the hardships he endured at a young age, he went on to become an author, an orator and a spokesman for the rights of blacks and women.  He truly changed history.

January, 2019

Happy New Year to All!  Hopefully, there will be less bullying in 2019!


“Sisters Plot Revenge”      Readers Digest

Story by Robin Sizemore, Highland, Indiana

Tired of building a snowman and having bullies break it down over and over again, two sisters thought of an idea and carried it out successfully.  After fifth-graders had attacked the snowman daily, the two girls froze an ice block and left it at the base of  the snowman.  When the bullies started kicking at the base, the ice block retaliated by given them sharp, non-permanent foot  pains.  The snowman was never attacked again!


When you hear or see the letters, “kkk”,  think:


Image result for kindness graphics free

There are no dues and no sign-ups to become a member!

Kids (or people of all ages) are welcome to join.

                    All it takes is a smile & a promise to do or say                                                                                                                                                                                   Something kind  to someone everyday!                                                                       Spread kindness in every way!

Image result for kindness graphics free                      Image result for kindness graphics free

                 HUMANKIND —BE BOTH!
When driving home today, I saw a car with a sticker that read,
“humankind—be both,”  You can order stickers or t-shirts with that
message from CafePress or ETSY!

How to take action?    an anti-bullying film festival, a student-led campaign guide and tips on how to stop bullying.


Over the last year, schools throughout the US have experienced a frightening increase in bullying and acts of hate. Each year, schools across the US participate in bullying prevention activities during the month of October. This year, when hate is on the rise, our greatest challenge is to stop bullying and hate and move toward welcoming, identity safe, and inclusive places.

The largest portion of hate incidents in the post-election period occured in K-12 schools and college campuses according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Incidents like these are being reported across the U.S.: swastikas on walls, African American students threatened with nooses, Heil Hitler salutes at sporting events, young people chanting “Build a Wall, you’re getting deported” as they point to Latino students.

Immigrant, Black, Jewish, Muslim, and LGBTQ students continue to be targets of relentless harassment and bullying. We can make a difference in transforming school environments into safe and inviting communities for all students.


1. Check out the Anti-Bullying Film Festival and support an open discussion on ways to promote inclusion and stand up to hate.


Leia Pierce with her son Jamel Myles, 9.    Myles took his own life on Thursday, August 23.    (Photo courtesy of Leia Pierce via Facebook)                                                                                        

The school year opened with  a tragedy at  Shoemaker Elementary School.  Counselors and teachers are helping students deal with this  sad, unfortunate happening, which his mother states was caused by bullying.

AUGUST, 2018

Welcome back to School! The poster below appeared in the 50’s.  The message is as clear today as it was then.  America is made up     of kids from different countries, different races, religions, etc.   Stand up for them; don’t let them be bullied!

Image result for superman 1959 diversity poster sold where


 usually has 3 lines.

Lines 1 and 3 have five syllables.

Line 2 has seven syllables.

Read the haiku below, then write a haiku poem about bullying.

Bullies torment me!

Always hurling stares, stones, names

Help! I need a friend.


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