Teachers’ Page


Andrea Antico, the author and a former school librarian, would like to donate an autographed copy of BUSTER THE BULLY to elementary schools in the Denver metropolitan area. Upon request from the principal or librarian/media specialist, she will read the story  or present it digitally to a classroom or a grade level.  If desired, Andrea will discuss ways and means of preventing bullying after the presentation.

If you have students’ artwork or messages about bullying, they can be  posted anonymously or under a first name on  kindereads.com.  If you wish, we will publish the name  of  the school, grade level and teacher.  Please send them digitally to denveriter@gmail.com.

Andrea is also available for Book Fairs or Literacy Nights at local elementary schools.  A percentage of the sales will be given to the school library.  Discounts will be given for the purchase of multiple copies by schools, libraries, parent-teacher and non-profit organizations. She is a storyteller in the Denver group, Spellbinders and is the YAL Chair of  Colorado ELF, the Educational Literacy Foundation. Email her with questions about the above.  


October is National Bully Prevention Month!

Unfortunately, bullying happens everyday. Go to Andrea’s anti-bullying BLOG and “Resources for Bullying” page on this website to find updated information to help you throughout the year.