Resources for Tornadoes



Tornadoes! by Gail Gibbons (2010)

Inside Tornadoes (Inside Series) by Mary Kay Carson (2010)

Kids’ Guide to Tornadoes

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #8: Twisters and Other Terrible Storms: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #23: Twister on Tuesday (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) by Mary Pope Osborne, Will Osborne and Sal Murdocca (2012)

The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes by Randi Davenport (2010)

Tornado!: The Story Behind These Twisting, Turning, Spinning, and Spiraling Storms (National Geographic Kids) by Judy Fradin and Dennis Fradin (Apr 12, 2011)

Witness: Tornado Swarm 2011 National Geographic DVD (2011)

Discovery Kids Extreme Weather Tornado Lab by Discovery Kids
The Discovery Channel : Storm Chasers Complete Season Two, The History Channel Killer Weather: 7 Episode Box Set Collection: Tornadoes: Nature’s Death Spirals, Hurricanes: Deadly Wind Deadly Rain, Nor’easters Killer Storms, Tsunami Killer Waves, Blizzards White Out, Flash Floods Deadly Downpour, Firestorms, Nature Out of Control : All About Bad Weather DVDs

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